Downloading Esplanade Market Solutions

Security of clients’ data and funds

Information and money are the main values in the modern economy. They must be adequately protected. The customers’ funds are kept in segregated bank accounts. These funds are off-balance ones and cannot be used by Esplanade Market Solutions.

Investment firms are required to meet strict financial standards, including requirement to capital. Esplanade Market Solutions maintains sufficient liquidity to cover all customers’ deposits, potential fluctuations of the company’s foreign exchange positions and the company’s expenses. A detailed annual report of the company is prepared by independent auditors.

Monetary funds and customer information security is one of the basic priorities of our company that is why we build our business with strict adherence to the following principles:
Confidentiality Confidentiality and anonymity of online trading are achieved through the utilization of modern software and international security protocols, synonymously used by a banking sector. Safety Safety of customers’ funds on deposit accounts is provided by a powerful security system, comparable to bank deposits protection systems. Protection Protection of initial cash investments. When trading in financial markets high-risk financial instruments are used. Clients’ Funds Keeping customer and the company funds in separate bank accounts, opened in banks-partners – leading European financial institutions. Guaranty Strict adherence to international financial standards, including capital adequacy requirements as well as high audit standards. Transparency The transparency of relations and interaction with customers. Our company is open to its customers. Everyone can obtain the necessary information about the company, information about his/her account status, history of his/her operations and transactions (financial statements) at any moment.